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CleanMist Disinfecting Services can be utilized in almost any space


No matter how much you clean your home, there's still a chance for viruses and bacteria to linger.  Let us treat your entire home with safe disinfectants that prove to be 300% more effective than the common spray and wipe cleaning method.

Modern Kitchen

Schools / Daycares

Let us reduce the spread of germs in your classroom by treating all surfaces and touch points, keeping the children and adults safe.   

Kindergarten Classroom

Work Places

Keep your business and most valuable assets, your employees, safe from any bacteria or viral infection.  Customers will appreciate the extra steps you take to ensure their safety.  Let us treat every inch of your office with a special focus on common touchpoints to ensure an all around safe work space.  

Minimal Office


Gyms have become a health danger as they easily spread germs from one surface to another.  Treating your gym with a special disinfectant will reduce the likelihood of your members from getting sick and spreading the germs to others.

Gym Equipment
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